Friday, March 06, 2009

Old Teachers of Old

A coworker's son was at our office today, doing a job-shadowing project that's required for high school graduation. (He complained about another graduation requirement, the forced-labor "volunteer" community service, but that's not what I want to talk about now.)

He goes to my old high school that I graduated from fifteen years ago.

I asked him if there were any teachers he thought might have been around since my time. He mentioned a gym teacher that sounded familiar, but I never took gym, so I'm not sure.

The two of my memorable teachers who are still there are the French teacher and the orchestra teacher. The student takes Spanish, but described "Madame" as crazy. She was old and crazy when I was there, so . . .

The orchestra teacher started at the high school my junior year. I had him 9th grade in junior high before he got the high school job. He still teaches at both those two schools. I wonder if his class still has as much free time as I remember, or if he's got them buckling down now. I wonder if his orchestra will go to Gresham next week and I wonder how poorly they'll do in comparison to the Garfield orchestra. . .

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