Friday, February 03, 2006

The World Does Not Agree with You

Everybody in the world does not agree with my beliefs. Everybody in the world does not agree with your beliefs. It's a fact of life. Get used to it.

And no amount of yelling and screaming and killing is going to change anybody's minds or hearts. That's just not how to win an argument. Perhaps your opponent will back down, but you won't have changed their minds. They'll still disagree with you--and they'll hold a grudge.

The way to win arguments is by calmly and rationally presenting the facts in a manner that is twisted to suit your beliefs. Throw in a few "therefores." Those always sound good. . . . Not to say you can't be passionate. Passion works real good, too. But it has to be positive passion, that includes your target, not negative passion that attacks them.

For example, compare the success rates of Christian missionaries to Islamic jihadists. And by "success rates," I do not mean body counts. I mean conversions.

Or you could just control the media. That's how dictatorships do it.

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