Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That Flag at the Top Right

I have numerous flags, from Bavaria to Wales with stops in Bhutan and Papua New Guinea. In fact, I have so many flags that I can't display them all at home. Instead, I rotate them through the year.

A thought came through my head that if I had a flagpole outside (and a house on a street!), I could raise a different flag every day, depending on any holidays upcoming.

Well, that would take a lot of effort every day, putting a flag up in the morning and taking it down at night, and what if I'm away? Knowing I wouldn't want to spend so much time on this silly venture each and every day, I instead put in many hours today, and today only.

(I think) I've successfully added a little program to my blog that will show an image that corresponds to the flag I would be raising on a flagpole that day, if I were to waste my time on such trivialities. Today, March 18, it shows the flag of Naraka (which I ordered custom as a birthday present from Mom), since today is the Holy Day of Hérazha. March 19 should trigger the flag of Greece (which I bought in Athens), since Greek Independence Day is just around the corner on March 25.

So much easier! . . . (But javascript is a real headache. I couldn't get if-then statements to nest properly -- but maybe that's because I had a hard time typing the puncuation correctly!)

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