Thursday, August 31, 2006

Killing Is Wrong

A simple answer to complex problems, good for many political debates: Killing is wrong.

Use liberally when discussing abortion, Islamic fascism, euthanasia, gun control, capital punishment, etc.

For example: "Killing is wrong, therefore good people need to carry guns to protect themselves from bad people who otherwise might kill them."

Or: "Killing is wrong, therefore if you kill somebody, you forfeit your right to exist."

It's true that not all debates can be argued this way. For some, you'll have to revert to "All men are created equal" or "humans are more important than other species." But those aren't as definitive, so try to stick to arguments where you can use the "killing is wrong" slogan.


Geographicallychallenged said...

What should society do with those that kill and therefore "forfeit your right to exist"?

Sotosoroto said...

Kill them, of course! (-:

mamurd said...

Laurell K. Hamilton has a series of books about a vampire hunter named Anita Blake. In The Laughing Corpse, she has this conversation with a vampire:

Anita: Every human being is special. Every death is a loss of something precious and irreplaceable.
Jean-Claude: You have killed before, Anita. You have destroyed that which is irreplaceable.
Anita: I'm irreplaceable, too. No one has the right to kill me, either.