Monday, August 21, 2006


We all know that certain planets rule certain zodiac signs. But now that we have new planets, this has to be rethought. In the past, Saturn has lost Aquarius to Uranus, Jupiter has lost Pisces to Neptune, and Mars has lost Scorpio to Pluto.

Of the three new planets (Ceres, Charon, and 2003 UB313 "Xena"), Charon would have no astrological effect, as the astrological Pluto is already Pluto + Charon. Ceres has been claimed to rule a variety of signs, and of those, Virgo makes the most sense -- taking it from Mercury, which still has Gemini.

2003 UB313 "Xena" would then have to take either Taurus or Libra from Venus (the only planet with two signs remaining). And since every other new planet has taken the second sign of an old planet, Venus gets to keep Taurus and 2003 UB313 "Xena" gets Libra.

If a larger Kuiper Belt Object is discovered, I'd say it just takes Libra from 2003 UB313 "Xena". Those planets take hundreds of years to orbit the sun, anyway, so they're not much fun.

Actually, 2003 UB313 "Xena" is a rather unusual Kuiper Belt Object (so far). Pluto is the largest of the plutinos (which all have a 2:3 resonance with Neptune). 2005 FY9 "Easterbunny" is the largest of the classic KBOs (or cubewanos), which don't get so close to Neptune. 2003 UB313 "Xena" is further out still, with a very eccentric orbit (but not as far out or eccentric as Sedna -- but Sedna is smaller). So maybe 2005 FY9 "Easterbunny" should be tracked as a ruler of a zodiac sign, as the representative of the major category of KBOs.

Or not.

So here's the list:

Libra........2003 UB313 "Xena" or 2005 FY9 "Easterbunny"

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