Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Wildfire Day, Martians!

Today is the Holy Day of Rívorí, the Goddess of Wildfire, on Mars.

I'm sure you know that Her holy day on Earth was only a few days ago, so I hope I'm not confusing you. It just so happens that the orbits and calendars of Earth and Mars are now aligned in late August together. Mars isn't directly overhead (in fact it's just about behind the sun still), but its planetary tilt is in a different direction in the solar system scheme of things, hence the seasons in different corners of the solar system map.

So just remember when next you want to curse something related to fire, volcanos, death, disease, devastation, discord, pranks, or cities, just yell/mutter, "Plague of Rívorí!" Try it. It's fun.

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