Friday, August 11, 2006

The End of Elvis Week

The good folks over at say that Elvis Week extends to next Wednesday, but that's just crazy. Any "week" is Monday to Friday, plus maybe a weekend or both.

So, to round out your Elvis Week experience, here are a few more stanzas that the King did sing:

Well there's gold in the mountains, love in the hills
I don't need no city women with their diamonds and frills
There's gold in the mountains and oh what scenery
The prettiest girls I ever did see

-There's Gold in the Mountains

They say God made land
And He gave it all to man
Yes I know He's mighty good and true
There is no God, but God
And He knows everything to do
So just you call on Him
And He will share His love with you

-There Is No God but God

You know I'll be your slave
If you ask me to
But if you don't behave
I'll walk right out on you
If you want my love then take my advice
Treat me nice

-Treat Me Nice

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