Tuesday, August 01, 2006


When you try to restart the voicemail computer in your company's server room, make sure you're not actually turning off the entire network. "Well, it's not that one. It's not that one. And it's not that one. Therefore, I think I'll hit the power button on that machine." Which happened to be the UPS (glorified surge protector) for all the servers. Whoops. You know that sound of a computer turning off? Multiply that by ten, as all the computers in the room power down at once. And then coworkers come running and yelling.

I really shouldn't be allowed in that room before eleven.

The voicemail computer was actually the little one two up from the UPS. Unlabeled.


Alyssa said...

Really Soto, you have to pull it together. Your losing your edge!

Pedicularis said...

I have a suspicion that you are neither a trained telephone technician nor a trained computer system administrator. I love your confidence, but are you really the best person that your company has for solving these types of problems? If you are, perhaps they need to give you some training?? Nah, this is so much more fun!!