Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My dance card is full.

Between my dad's birthday Saturday, a golf tournament (through work) Friday afternoon, my weekly writing critique group Monday, hopefully a date Friday night, and now a backpacking trip Saturday-Sunday (which I may be able to merge with the date), my dance card for the next week is terribly full.

And here I thought I'd have a quiet, relaxing weekend at home. I'd catch up on my photo album (two months behind), get most of a chapter out of my head and into the computer, and--who knows?--maybe vacuum my condo. But no. I guess that stuff will have to wait till September.


Pedicularis said...

Good choice. Vacuuming can wait until the rainy season starts in September.

Alyssa said...

Golf?? Oooohhhhh thats just not right. You'll be golfing while i'll be trying to handle a bunch of hyper "Friday" children.

Lets trade. Whattya say??

Sotosoroto said...

Umm.... no. (-: