Friday, January 12, 2007

Carbon! Carbon! Carbon!

Carbon dioxide contributes to a quarter of 1% of the earth's greenhouse effect. But for some reason, Environmentalists want to blame it (and thus humankind) for "Global Warming."

The problem with this is that there is no correlation between the rate of increase of carbon dioxide in the atomosphere with the rate of increase/decrease of the air temperature.

So is there anything that correlates with the air temperature? Why, sure! It's the sun. When the sun emits more heat, the earth's air warms up.

Seems simple enough, if you ask me.

But why, then, is the carbon dioxide level going sky high? Surely that's caused by humankind!

Alas, no. There's a long-term correlation between air temperature and carbon dioxide, but the carbon dioxide increases/decreases a few hundred years after the temperature. Yeah, you heard me. The Environmentalists have their cause and effect completely switched.

Note that the time scale is in 1000s of years. Between red lines is approximately 100,000 years.
If the carbon dioxide is rising quickly right now, was there a corresponding air temperature increase a few hundred years ago?

Yes. The earth was just then beginning to come out of the "Little Ice Age."

So what does it all mean? Will humankind destroy the planet by driving SUVs? My answer: nah, probably not.

(ht: Moonbattery)


Pedicularis said...

I decided a while back that instead of spending trillions in a possibly futile attempt to decrease the atmospheric CO2 concentration, it would be far wiser to spend that money to build dikes, move island nations to higher ground, move seaside cities to higher ground, and develop Siberia and Canada. And those are all activities that can take place AFTER global warming melts the glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica and AFTER Siberia and Canada get warm enough to farm, if they ever do. In the meantime, we need to fight the War on Terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find these charts? It's very interesting.~M

Sotosoroto said...

Click on one. It will take you to where I got them. A professor in Kansas made them.