Monday, January 24, 2011

NFL Powerhouses

When I heard a while ago that the Dallas Cowboys have the highest value of any American sports team, I scratched my head. Does anybody still care about the Cowboys? What have they done lately?

So I checked the NFL records for the past ten years. The Cowboys are a middling team, just like the Seahawks.

What follows is a ranking of the NFL teams over the past ten years, weighted toward recent seasons, with playoff and championship wins weighted as well.

1. New England Patriots (15.8) **
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (15.4*) **
3. Indianapolis Colts (15.2) **
4. New Orleans Saints (11.5)
5. Philadelphia Eagles (11.4)
6. New York Giants (11.2)
7. Green Bay Packers (11.2*)
8. San Diego Chargers (10.9)
9. Baltimore Ravens (10.8)
10(t). Chicago Bears (9.9)
10(t). New York Jets (9.9)
12. Dallas Cowboys (9.2)
13. Atlanta Falcons (9.2)
14. Seattle Seahawks (9.1)
15. Minnesota Vikings (8.9)
16. Tennessee Titans (8.5)
17. Carolina Panthers (8.4)
18. Jacksonville Jaguars (8.2)
19. Denver Broncos (8.2)
20. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (8.1)
21. Arizona Cardinals (7.7)
22(t). Cincinnati Bengals (7.0)
22(t). Miami Dolphins (7.0)
24. Washington Redskins (6.8)
25. Kansas City Chiefs (6.8)
26. Houston Texans (6.5)
27. San Francisco 49ers (6.4)
28. Buffalo Bills (6.2)
29. Cleveland Browns (5.6)
30. St. Louis Rams (5.5)
31. Oakland Raiders (5.5)
32. Detroit Lions (3.9)

*The winner of the Super Bowl XLV will gain 1.45 points, placing either the Steelers into first place or the Packers into fourth place.

**Edited 1/25 because I found an entry error giving the Colts the equivilent of a Super Bowl win in 2008.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Figaro Is Dead; Long Live Figaro!

Chunlin's little blue betta that I thought was dead two years ago has finally passed on, for real.

Figaro the Betta

Figaro the Betta 2

She was getting sicker and sicker the past few weeks. She wasn't eating very well for the past month or two. I think her eyesight had gone. She couldn't hit the food with her mouth.

But she's gone now.

At least there's now another betta in the family, Bojangles.

And Chunlin bought a red fish in Portland and declared it to be the new Figaro.

Chunlin and New Figaro

Hopefully this one will last longer than 2.5 years!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Today's Epiphany

The twelve days of Christmas are over. It's now officially time to take down the decorations.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Geoduck Geotech

I think that Geoduck Geotech would be a good name for a soil engineering firm in the Puget Sound region.

This Month's Photo of Chunlin

2 - Chunlin Wahkeena Creek

I put my new calendar upon my cubicle wall and this is the photo for January. My cutie!

After Thanksgiving a year and more ago, we took a drive down to Oregon to start US 97 across Washington. In the gorge, we stopped near Multnomah Falls, but went to Wahkeena Falls instead. This is from that short hike.

Bonus photo, from the cover of my calendar:

l100 - Chunlin and Heavenly Capital Peak

From Huangshan...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 Drives

2010 Drives

Last year, we drove to Portland, South Bend, Kalaloch, North Bend, Long Beach, Gold Bar, North Bend, North Bend, North Bend, Skamokawa, Verlot, Port Gamble, Stevens Pass, Westport, Sunrise, Pacific Beach, and Stevens Pass.

In 2011, we might just visit eastern Washington again...