Friday, August 18, 2006

Death to the Squirrels!

They've always been nasty, little, disease-carrying rodents, but now they've gone too far. A squirrel in Indiana sabotaged a power plant, knocking out electricity to 5,039 residents.

And worst of all, it was a suicide attack. This means the squirrels are serious! It's do or die, a fight to the extinction between the species. And who are you going to let win? The squirrels?

No! We must destroy them all before they destroy us!

The next time you see a squirrel, kill it. Step on it. Snap its furry neck. Tempt it with a bit of food and take a butcher knife to it. Whatever you have to do, it's worth it. It's the survival of the species we're talking about here. Death to the squirrels!


Geographicallychallenged said...

PETA will be watching you!

Sotosoroto said...

Those who apologize for the destructive actions of squirrels must be prosecuted as the traitors to our species that they are! If we let PETA make excuses for the inhuman actions of these evil, beady-eyed squirrels -- if we let PETA profess moral equivilence between human beings and rodents -- then our species shall indeed be doomed!!