Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Race is going to begin soon.

I looked through all the teams on the new Amazing Race season before realizing something about the group shot on the main page:

I recognized the boat in the background. And then the Washington Mutual Building. And the whole rest of the skyline.

Yup, that's Seattle!

They start the race over in West Seattle, apparently. "Your first task will be to drive one of the marked cars due south ten miles to the airport. Just follow the planes overhead. Good luck."

I wonder if they come back at the end?

And why must I never see them when they're in town?

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Pedicularis said...

I see they have their usual complement of gorgeous kids: a couple of male models, a couple of beauty pageant winners, and quite a few others. Appears to be a larger assortment of races and religions than before. Whatever it takes to keep the ratings up, I guess.