Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bing Maps

Bing Maps is now officially tied with Google Maps to be my favorite map program. Bing has recently added some click-and-drag functionality that Google has had for quite awhile, while Google has recently fixed some erroneous information (such as removing the Wenatchee Confluence State Park from Snoqualmie Pass!).

Bing has the great bird's-eye view for many areas, but Google has Streetview, contour maps, and better aerial photos for many areas.

The one part where Bing leaves Google far behind is calculating travel times on any road that's not a freeway. Google thinks you need to drive 30 mph on all back roads, even if the speed limit is actually 60!

As for Yahoo Maps and Mapquest, well . . . they can calculate all right, but they're not nearly user-friendly enough. Click and drag, man, click and drag!

They all need to get better at adding new roads, though. Some areas are years out of date.

UPDATE: One feature of Yahoo Maps that the others lack, however, is different colors for different cities and neighborhoods, depending on your zoom level.

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