Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Hope You Had a Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve, we drove down to my parents' house. We passed downtown as the sun set.

1 - Space Needle Sun

Christina drove, so I took some photos.

6 - Mt Rainier I-5

The tree wasn't quite completely decorated, so we helped.

12 - Christina Garland

And then we had cake. It was two days before Christina's birthday, after all.

20 - Birthday Candles

Christmas morning dawned foggy and frosty.

22 - Frosty Christmas Morning

Cookies were eaten.

27 - Dad Cookie

Gifts were opened.

36 - Amy's Winged Whale

42 - Mom Bag

'Twas a jolly time for all!

39 - Chunlin Ribbon

41 - Chunlin Laugh

Then we took a break for afternoon breakfast.

46 - Bacon

Afterwards, Mom's sister and family arrived.

51 - Carol Kelly

We had a gift exchange which somehow resulted in Dad opening half the presents.

53 - Dad's Pan

Next came dinner, followed by dessert. During which, Amy committed food abuse. Oh, the horror!

60 - Cherry Pie Disaster

I made sure to document it, of course.

Merry Christmas!

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Pedicularis said...

Excellent post! Beauty, humor, laughs. :)