Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Road Trips

2009 Drives

In 2009, we drove to Othello, Auburn, Port Townsend, North Bend, Index, Sultan, North Bend, Colville, Orcas Island, Harrison Hot Springs, Sunnyside, Osoyoos, Alpental, Merritt, Toppenish, Sprague, Hyak, Denny Creek, Fort Spokane, Deer Lake, Artist Point, Potholes State Park, Worley, Hyak, Colville, Worley, Toppenish, Silverton, Spokane Valley, Granite Falls, Yakima, Osoyoos, Chelan, and Tacoma.

Quite a lot of eastern Washington, wouldn't you say?

I fully expect my 2010 map to look completely different. . .

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robaresmith said...

I have a ranch in Ephrata, so you drove near by. My nearest neighbor is 2 miles it's great.