Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our First Hike in Exactly Six Months

How can we possibly be so busy that we don't go hiking for an entire six months? From October 10, when we went to Headlee Pass, to April 10, yesterday, when we did a short hike on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (a.k.a. Iron Horse State Park), that's exactly how long it had been.

Ah well. It's time to get cracking again.

We started at Garcia Road (I-90 exit 38) and hiked east under the slopes of McClellan Butte to a little bit past the McClellan Butte trailhead.

14 - Iron Horse West Defiance

Snow covered the ground for most of the trail, the wind howled in places, but we just bundled up and trudged on, enjoying the scenery.

3 - Iron Horse Trail Chunlin

9 - Little McClellan Turn

This is where the trail (an old railroad line) bends tightly around some cliffs under a promontory I'd like to call Little McClellan Butte. Great views up and down the valley, but extremely windy yesterday.

8 - South Fork Snoqualmie Valley

Near the McClellan Butte trail, the state has a walk-in campground for a handful of tents, with picnic tables and an outhouse.

12 - Waiting for Spring

We continued a bit further, but turned back to here to eat lunch.

11 - Mark McClellan Campsite - Ch

If next week is raining, where should we go?

More photos on flickr.


Pedicularis said...

For an interesting lowlands hike, I have been investigating the route from Lake Washington to the John Wayne Trail and on east. Starting at Newcastle Beach Park is one option, accessible from the 113th Pl SE exit off I-405. Navigate your way to Coal Creek canyon, over Cougar Mtn, cross Hwy 900, over the north face of Squak Mtn, to the trailhead near Issaquah High School, then up over Tiger Mtn. It looks like you have to go a long ways north parallel to Hwy. 18 before crossing it and climbing over Rattlesnake Mtn. to get to Rattlesnake Lake and access to the John Wayne Trail.

robaresmith said...

I have a ranch between Moses Lake and Ephrata. There are many places to hike all over the area. Plus Pot Holes Reservoir is to the South and it's great for canoeing and camping. And I can do it all "au naturel"