Monday, May 03, 2010

Devils Should All Be Women

From a historical perspective, those sexy devil women stickers one might occasionally see on the back of a truck are more true to the origins of the symbology than any masculine representation of a horned devil.

The horns are the moon, you see, which was closely associated with women in ancient times. And the pitchfork is useful when bringing in the harvest, since the moon goddess was often also an earth goddess.

The halo, on the other hand, was originally a solid disk representing the sun. And we all know that the sun is masculine, right?


robaresmith said...

Be very careful with this subject. You wouldn't want to be sleeping on the sofa for a few nights.

Didn't Hérazha "fight the demons of darkness"? How could she be a devil ?

The sun is masculine ! It sometimes "beats my ass red" when I'm out sunbathing and not using enough sun screen.

Sotosoroto said...

I didn't say that all women are devil, or even that all goddesses are devils. Just that the symbology of the devil comes from an earth/moon goddess, and therefore all devils would be more accurately portrayed as women.

robaresmith said...

Oh....I see what you mean.....

By the way, when should we expect to see your next novel ? You're an outstanding writing !