Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Beijing, part 17: Let There Be Drums

At the heart of old Beijing rises the Drum Tower, from which drummers would beat out the times of the day (and occasional warnings).

w27 - Drum Tower

Chunyu dropped us off -- Yüfang, Steven, Chunlin, and I -- and up we climbed.

w7 - Up the Drum Tower Stairs

Red columns and beams similar to the Southeast Watchtower. Later Ming Dynasty.

w11 - Inside the Drum Tower

We had a half hour to wait till the 1:30 drum performance.

w10 - Chunlin and Mark at the Drum Tower

w19 - Laughing Steven

Views out over the hazy city. Visitors are only allowed on the south balcony -- into the sun, blech.

w15 - Steven on the Balcony

The tourists were gathering. No time for lunch.

w21 - The Show Begins

Boom boom bada boom! Impressive five-man drum show on the big drums.

w22 - Drummer Blur

w23 - Drum Tower Performance

Then we descended and headed next door to the east to the same restaurant as Monday evening. At 2 p.m. it was slightly easier to get a table. Hao chi baozi, pi jiu goes down smooth from a bowl.

w29 - Lunch Lunch Lunch

We said goodby to Yüfang and Steven. She took food to Chunyu, who was still at the car.

w30 - Bell Tower through the Trees
I took a brief look at the nearby Bell Tower, but didn't go inside.

More photos from our visit are on flickr, if you'd like to see them.

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