Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Subdivision, part 14

I've had a slight change in course since last month. Namely, the cost to reroute the electrical service to the existing house will be reasonable, so we're having it moved.

The electrican installed conduit around the house to the street side yesterday. It may be a month or two before Seattle City Light gets their act together and installs the transformer and other wires from the power lines to the house.

Even though the power lines for the existing house are still crossing the new southern parcel, the city doesn't care that there isn't an easment for them and has approved the subdivision. All that remains is for me to submit the final drawings and pay over a thousand dollars in extra fees.

When I spoke with the surveyor a week or two ago, he said that he'd call me when the drawings were ready for me to pick up. (They can't fold the final drawings, so it would be pricy to mail a rolled-up set.) The surveyor, though, apparently thought I was going to come by to pick them up without further word from him. The drawings have been sitting at their front desk for a while now. I'll collect them tomorrow.

Several weeks ago, DPD sent me a letter stating that if I didn't pay the fees by November, the subdivision would be canceled. I haven't been too hurried to pay, though, since I assume our property taxes will go up once the subdivision takes place, and the taxes are due in October. Also, we won't begin construction till next summer, so what's the hurry?


Iris said...

"pay the fees by November"

Does this mean you pay all your property taxes and this bill on October 31st?

Sotosoroto said...

I don't remember the exact date property taxes are due, but that's a check to King County. Come April, it will be two checks to King County for this property.

The DPD fees are due by November 9. I looked up the date.