Saturday, May 02, 2009

Greetings from Colville

We're finally finishing Highway 20! While I feared circumstances that may prevent such a journey, the circumstances worked in my favor this time -- at least as it regards having the time to take a long drive. Plenty of yardwork yesterday evening, though. . .

Impressive cuts through the avalanches up at Washington Pass. You could see trees sticking out of the massive snow piles. I didn't expect that. But avalanches carry away everything in their paths, don't they?

Highway 20 is a very mountainous, curvy road. Fun to drive, but the trees and canyons started getting on Chunlin's nerves. She wanted views and open spaces. We got a few of those in the Methow Valley and here in the Colville area, but certainly not many.

A lot of old forest fires and swamps up here in northern Washington, too. . .

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