Friday, June 19, 2009

10,000 per Year

A year ago, I had one 2007 Solstice Parade photo hit 5,000 views the day before the 2008 parade. Today (a day before the 2009 parade), I have five photos from last year with over 5,000 views, two of which are over 10,000 views.

Of those two over 10,000 views, one has been favorited by 67 flickr users and the other, 42. A year ago, I think my highest was ten favorites for a photo.

I think there may be a connection between the popular photos, but I haven't quite placed a finger on it yet. They are entitled Scarf Suspenders Rollerskaters (the most viewed) and Rollerskaters Laugh More (the most favorited). See if you can figure it out...

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Iris said...

Not surprising.

The pictures are:
Information for the preadolescents and teens.

Pictures for the inquisitive.