Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snow Lake . . . or Just to the Pass

Chunlin and I took a little hike Sunday afternoon.

3 - Snoq Mtn Falls

The creeks were running high and the snowfields were large, but the trillium and avalanche lilies were blooming and we just about had the trail all to ourselves.

4 - Alpental Trillium

12 - Orange Black Falls

8 - Chair Peak Chunlin

At the pass, we got a face full of fast-moving cloud.

18 - Mark Snow Lake Pass 2 Ch

There wasn't a chance of seeing the lake below us and the mountains ahead. We also didn't bother to even take a look at the trail down. We'd both been to Snow Lake in better weather and I recall that the north side of that ridge is treacherous from snow, long after the south side melts out. And since the south side still had several feet of snow in places. . .

21 - Alpental Bears

At the Alpental lodge, the place seemed deserted but the building was nearly shaking from music. I couldn't tell if it was live or recorded, but it was the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for a Devil" performed by a bass, a banjo, and vocal.

I posted a couple dozen photos from our hike on flickr, if you'd like to see.

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