Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cell Phone Outage

Our cell phones don't work!

Did the high winds this afternoon knock over a tree and wipe out the local tower? But no, Chunlin called me when I was home at 5:30, and my phone worked fine then.

Did something happen at the local Verizon Wireless building? Possible, but those guys are so paranoid I find it hard to believe their network would go down in the early evening, even if they lost utility power for days. I also find it hard to believe that it's wind-related at their building, since the wind stopped several hours ago.

Maybe power got cut to the tower by the wind, and now the backup power supply (batteries? generator?) has run out of juice?

I would have figured that we were reached by at least two towers, though, from our location.

Mystery. . .

UPDATE: Now that I look at our phones more clearly, we have tower coverage, but we still can't call out. "Called failed please !!! Try again." And Mom couldn't reach my phone, either. Perhaps Verizon Wireless is limited use in the area to emergency calls only??

Mystery. . .

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robaresmith said...

I live in the Northgate area and have had regular cell phone service all day as usual. I use AT&T.

When I was out at FS earlier today, I did not have cell phone service like I usually do there. So maybe it was wind related ?