Saturday, February 05, 2005

Don't be nice in Colorado

Teens fined for late night cookie drop

Some girls decided to give gifts of fresh-baked cookies to their neighbors. One of them got freaked out and went to the hospital, thinking she had had a heart attack. She sued the girls and the judge ordered them to pay her hospital bill. The judge "did not think the girls had acted maliciously but that 10:30pm was fairly late at night for them to be out." Apparently everyone else their age in the town was at "a dance where there might be cursing and drinking." Go figure.

So, under-age drinking is okay, but gifts of cookies are BAD. Remember that, next time you're in rural Colorado.

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Salena Moffat said...

A local radio station (I live 20 mins. from Boulder) raised the $$$ to pay these girls expenses. I'm hoping they'll post the recipe!