Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today's a rather odd day to be discussing love, what with it having been beaten to death in the month leading up till yesterday, but it's on my mind, so here goes.

Near as I can see it, love comes in three parts: liking, caring, and lusting. Well, if you leave off the last one, you still have love -- it's just brotherly love, like they got in Philly.

When you like someone, you enjoy being around them and want to be around them at every opportunity. You respect them as a person and value their opinion. You can't see how anyone wouldn't appreciate their out-going, easy-going personality, or whatever.

When you care about someone, you only want the best for them. Their happiness is more important than your own. You start to worry when they're five minutes late, because maybe they've been in a car accident or something and they're always on-time so it can't be that they're just running behind schedule, could it? You acknowledge their bad habits and want them to stop doing it -- not because it annoys you, but because it's not good for their health or well-being.

When you lust for someone, they caught your eye from the first second. You see nothing less-than-perfect about their body and get carnal urges just seeing them fully-clothed. Their face is the most beautiful in the world.

Just two cents from a man who's done more thinking than loving...


FragileKitty said...

I love the name of your blog! (yet another kind of love?)

For me, the best love is the love that lifts everyone involved out of the feeling of separateness and isolation, into some prior, alive, enjoyment. The connection between so-called individuals is full and unobstructed, and it feels like coming home.

I'm still mulling over the earlier psychopath puzzle -- sounds like lateral thinking is called for...

Sotosoroto said...

Oh, that's just an expression, not a real type of love. (-:

Yes, love definitely should be a reciprocal event, with everyone involved being bettered by the experience.

As for the psychopath question: if you didn't get it instantly, you're not a psychopath and probably won't figure it out. I *really* hope you never figure it out on your own. (-: