Saturday, February 05, 2005

Naraka Day!

Happy Naraka Day! Today is the 213th anniversary of King Furoíso the Elder's embarkation on his overland journey from the city of Sírépaga to the city of Rízhoso'ono with the intention of uniting all Narakans into one land. Thusly, it is the thirteenth anniversary of the ascension of King So'osolopo the Younger to his glorious and god-given role of King of Naraka.

It's also, by coincidence, the seventh anniversary of when I sent an email to declaring my sovereignty over the sixty-two (or was it sixty-one?) counties between Seattle and Houston. I told him that if he agreed with my demands, then he didn't need to reply to my email. He didn't reply, so I've had no recourse but to assume that the United States of America willingly ceded to me the territories in question.

...I wonder if the FBI has a file on me now?


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My family hail from Florida and Georgia, and this post reminded me of the Conch Republic--gave me a grin, thanks for the post! I have to post something on the Conch Republic now!