Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cypress Island

Pack pack pack, paddle paddle paddle, unpack unpack unpack, set up camp.


Pack pack pack, hike hike hike, swim swim swim.


Hike hike hike, unpack unpack unpack, eat and sleep.


Pack pack pack, paddle paddle paddle, wait while other people hike hike hike, paddle paddle paddle, unpack unpack unpack.


Eat and sleep.


Take down camp, pack pack pack, paddle paddle paddle, rest, paddle paddle paddle, rest and eat, paddle paddle paddle, unpack unpack unpack. Whew!



mamurd said...

Oooh! Pisaster ochraceus!! Did you see any other cool critters?

The lilypad picture is very pretty.

Sotosoroto said...

A peach-colored big seastar, as well.

And a couple kinds of anemones.

And chitons that look like rocks.

And tons of limpets. And oysters.

And jellyfish.

And a porpoise!

Pedicularis said...

But Mamurd, you said my beautiful katydid or cricket was "ew" but this ugly sea critter is "cool"???

Reminds me, I once had a friend who frequently commented, "There is no accounting for taste."

mamurd said...

Ped, your cricket was gross. The seastar was cool. It's just that simple!


I think the peach-colored seastar is the same species as the purple one. (Thank you for calling a "seastar", btw!)

I'm pretty sure the first "anenome" is a actually a sea cucumber. (I think. It's a little hard to tell from the picture.) I'm having a hard time identifying the second one. Maybe Urticina crassicornis? Was the trunk part of it yellow with red spots? I couldn't really tell from the picture. But I really like the underwater picture.

The jellyfish pic is also awesome.

Porpoises? They have vertebrae. Boring!!

Sotosoroto said...

I thought it might be a sea cucumber, but when I got home, I looked online and didn't find any photos of sea cucumbers that looked like that. I did find some long, skinny anemones, so that's what I called it.

Sea cucumber don't grab on with one end, do they?

I think part of it is that it's out of the water and can't keep its shape.