Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why not Seattle?

In a Vermont town called Brattleboro, teenagers (of both sexes) have been hanging out in the nude all summer. There are no laws against public nudity, but some locals are concerned it will give Brattleboro a bad name and drive away business.

But I wonder, if teens in a rural blue state like Vermont feel free to walk around town naked, why does this not happen in an uber-blue city like Seattle? I mean, we don't even have any clothing-optional beaches!

This city is a lot more conservative than it thinks it is.


anotherannoyingcousin said...

Not true there was an item just yesterday about a clothing optional beach on Komo's website.
It seems the sounder train passes it daily on it's run to and from Everett.

Sotosoroto said...

But that's almost all men. And it's in Woodway, not Seattle. And the police chase them away.

I want naked women walking the streets of downtown (or at least Northgate) completely unmolested! It would certainly show the world how cosmopolitan and European we are.