Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Suggestion for Our Future Democrat Overlords

If Obama wins the presidency and the Democrats take over a fillibuster-proof majority in Congress, I suspect that they will add at least two seats to the Supreme Court. There's no need to wait for retirements or deaths for the revisionists to get a majority in our highest court.

The number nine is not set in the Constitution, after all. The number of seats is up to Congress. It started with six seats, then gradually increased to ten as the number of lower courts increased. In the 1860s, that connection was tossed and the number of seats went back down to seven. But in 1869, Congress put it to nine, where it has remained ever since.

Franklin Roosevelt tried to add six justices to the Supreme Court, but Congress blocked it. I don't think a President Obama would have such opposition.

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