Monday, October 20, 2008

Idaho versus Montana

Who do you think would win in a football game between the Idaho Vandals and the Carroll Saints (of Helena, Montana)?

Idaho (1-7) is Division I-A (now known as Football Bowl Subdivision) and Carroll (8-0) is in the NAIA. Massey Ratings has them ranked 199 and 184 in the country, respectively. That's the worst FBS team and the best NAIA, supposedly.

Am I allowed to ask why Idaho is in the FBS??

Update: Whoops. As soon as I posted this, I spotted North Texas (also in the FBS) way down at 207. They lost to Rice 77-20! (Which is, by the way, the best Rice's defense has done all season.)

Congratulations, Vandals, you're not the worst in the FBS. . .


Pedicularis said...

Have you seen list of FBS football teams?

Sotosoroto said...

CBS ranks Rice way too low for my liking. We should be #65, not #69!