Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 13 - Welcome to Hawai‘i!

Maui in the Sky

From the plane, first we spotted Maui in the distance, floating on the sky-blue ocean.

Then we passed over the northern tip of the Big Island, our destination.


We landed in Kona. Warm and sunny. Yay!

Chunlin Arrives in Hawai‘i!

We drove to a hostel (we pass) and down the coast to a hotel (no vacancy). We started calling. The Royal Kona Resort sayid they had a cancellation, so that's where we went. It looked emptier than just one cancellation, though.

After a rest, we ventured forth into the late afternoon heat to find food. Neither one of us was feeling particularly well.

Huggo's Hawai‘i

After sweaty indecision on Ali‘i Drive, we got the recommendation of a local and went to Humpy’s for dinner. Gooey soft-shelled crab and a Greek pizza, plus two beers. Yummy food hit the spot. I felt human again.

Chunlin Back to Work

Sunset from Ali‘i Drive

We wandered back to the hotel. One of the three towers has a fish pond in the open atrium.

Fishy Fishy!

As light began to fall, we headed to the hotel lagoon beach. We were blessed with a perfect sunset on the horizon, with waves crashing into the orange sky.

Sunset Splash

Perfect Sunset

Not quite 7 p.m., but I was tired and sleepy, ready for bed. I needed to buy insect repellent...

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