Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 15 - Punalu‘u Beach, etc.

It never rains in Kona. Flash flood warning!

Heavy drizzle. Breakfast at Huggo’s on the Rocks. Tiny portions on a paper plate. It's on the rocks, though. Perhaps we should have had the hotel’s buffet. It’s on the rocks, too. Too late now. Time to pack.

Royal Kona

We hit the road. Showers of pounding rain, calm, drizzle, downpour again. But when we got to Punalu‘u Beach on the east shore, no rain!

We walked along the black sand beach and over the lava rocks full of tidepools. After the quiet road, it was a surprise how many people were there.

Edge of the Beach

Chunlin spotted a sea turtle on the rocks, and then one on the sand (with a group of other people about ten feet away).

Drying Out

Nap time for turtle. Don't get too close!


I used my zoom lens, for just about the only time on the trip.

Cracked Seaweed

Chunlin took off her shoes and walked barefoot in the sand. I had my hands full with my camera most of the time, so I left mine on.

Mark on Punalu‘u Beach

Back in the car, I put my sunglasses on, it was so bright out. We drove north and up. The rain resumed. We arrived at Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, 4000'+/- above sea level. Fog and rain surround us.


At the Visitors Center, we got out of the rain and watched a movie about Kilauea and lava.

Afterward, it was still raining. We proceeded down the road to the steam vents. Hot and wet! Chunlin liked it. The heat, not the wetness, that is.

Chunlin at the Kilauea Steam Vent

Oh, what an exciting place Hawaii can be!

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