Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 14 - Afternoon on the Kona Coast

We were going to go hiking down the hill to the Captain Cook Monument, but Chunlin forgot her socks back at the hotel. We thus drove down to the other end of Kealakekua Bay. We could see the monument across the water, a tiny white speck.

Chunlin at Kealakekua

Not a Nene

A goose wandered around the park. Not a native goose, as far as I can tell. Well, this particular goose probably was born in Hawaii. But its ancestors likely came to the island after mankind did.

We get back in the car and head back up the hill to the highway along narrow, winding Napo‘opo‘o Road. I stopped the car to take photos of this colorful bougainvillea tree.

Napo‘opo‘o Color

The flowers are tiny and white, surrounded by the bright bracts.

Winter in Hawai‘i

There were many other trees in bloom, but none demanded a photo stop like that one. Purple, pink, lavender, magenta, red, yellow, etc.

After a nap at the hotel, we got up and went to the hotel saltwater lagoon. The waves crashed over the breakwater, sploosh! Chunlin just waded in the shallows, but I swam. I kept my cowboy hat on -- that tropical afternoon sun sure is bright -- as I floated around on the waves like a piece of driftwood.

I was wearing sandals, but I managed to cut the side of my foot on the rough rocks.

After drying off, we headed back to Humpy's for dinner.

Chunlin at Humpy's

We had fish tacos and kalua pork (pulled pork with cabbage). And beer and a cocktail and ice cream and berry crisp. Over $100 on food today and how many calories?

Sunset on Oneo Bay

A lot of food, so we walked the mile to the pier again. Dusk fell.

Evening Sail

Night fell. A few drops of rain.

Kamakahonu Concert

We looked to buy a new hat for me, since mine is falling apart a bit, but nothing was quite right. Instead, we bought sunscreen, bananas, and a papaya. Back to the hotel by 8 o'clock. Ready to check out tomorrow.

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