Friday, May 03, 2013

March 13 - A Walk around Kailua

I had a headache -- not enough water or caffeine -- while Chunlin had a cold, so we rested.

Eventually, though, hunger overtook us and we ventured forth looking for for food.

Almost Dinnertime

We considered eating here, but skipped it. Prices and glare.


Watching the waves crash along the shore proved less taxing for me than picking a restaurant. We eventually ate, however, and headed back to the hotel.

Kala‘e Pa‘akai Sunset

This is the view from the shore beside our hotel. We got a cheap room, however, so we didn't have this view. We faced the parking lot.

Royal Kona Resort Palm

Chunlin and Fish

Our hotel had a fish pond in one of the towers. Fishy fishy!

Sunset through the Crashing Waves

Sunsets and crashing waves, two of my favorite things to photograph. Get Chunlin, a flag, and maybe some tree branches into the frame and it'd be dynamite!

Evening Flock

After sunset, we went back to our room. Chunlin tried to buy hotel wifi so she could send work emails. We never quite got it functional, though.

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