Thursday, May 02, 2013

March 13 - Going to Hawai‘i

We got up a bit early (so Chunlin could pack, as is her wont). Amy picked us up and we were on the road by 8. Light rush-hour traffic, goodbye and thanks to Amy, through security, train to North Satellite, and thenwe sit with an hour till boarding.

Stained Glass Sea-Tac

I wish there was a way to know how long the security line will take, before you leave home.

A veterinarian advertisement sign in the airport had a painting of animals from aardvark to zebra -- but it missed N, U, and X. Xiphosuran? Narwhal? Ungulate? Too general? Too wet? Too obscure? Breakfast time for Chunlin.

On the plane and into the clouds. Blue above, white below. Strong headwind. Projected 30 minutes late. Light turbulence, hard to get much smoother, but the flight attendants wouldn’t get out of their seats. A few bumps here and there, but I’ve been served coffee in worse.


A half hour later, we finally got some worthy chop.


Bland teriyaki chicken and bland mac & cheese for lunch. Time passed. Clouds came and went.

Chunlin Going to Hawaii

They passed out Hawaii Department of Agriculture forms. Fruit? No? Okay.

Window Seat

Mo‘okini Luakini from Above

Flaps Up

Kona. Welcome to the desolate lava rock. Oh wait. I see a tree.

Kona Airport

We got our rental car, a Ford Focus. It was hot outside and in the car. I started driving before I dug out my sunglasses. Traffic. Welcome to Kona.

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