Monday, April 15, 2013

March 20 - Final Morning in Hawai‘i

Soon our vacation would be but a distant memory. Back to the routine tomorrow. Fun life would be subsumed by real life.

Waikoloa Sunrise

Leisurely we packed up, with coffee, tv, and leftovers. One last train ride to the lobby, then we drove to Kona for breakfast at Splashers.

Chunlin at Breakfast

The town was so familiar. It felt odd to be back. We ate breakfast tacos and a seafood omelet.

Mark in Kailua

After eating, we walked around town, shopping. Just another beautiful day in paradise.

Cruising under the Tree

Eventually, though, it was time to leave. We topped off the car's tank at the gas station. Chunlin bought a purple taro bun.

Alamo rental car drop-off. Shuttle van. Airport.

Waiting to Leave

Dark clouds descended the mountain. A few raindrops fell as we boarded the plane.

Boarding in Kona

Alaska in Hawaii

I wasn’t ready to go home as I buckled in, but we didn't have much choice at that point.

We took off and soon we were in the clouds and over the Pacific.

Goodbye, Hawai‘i.


Chunlin, Sad to Be Home

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