Tuesday, April 02, 2013

March 16 - Back to Hilo

We drove back to Hilo and then eastward to Onekahakaha Beach.

Onekahakaha Tree

Sandy, rocky pools behind a semi-natural breakwater. Not much rain at the moment. Lots of family picnics were going on. No one was in the water, though. Too cool out for locals, but we waded.

Wading Chunlin

Onekahakaha Wall

Some spots were warmer on our feet, but cooler at the surface. It’s a peaceful, happy place.

Chunlin wanted to walk the length of the Hilo Bay breakwater (2 miles each way). I found the access point.

Chunlin on the Breakwater

We walked out a little ways, but actually stopped before the inner bay began. It was very windy!

After returning to the bed and breakfast, we walked the mile down the hill into town.

Hilo Hibiscus

Watch Out

The sun set while we ate dinner. It gets dark quickly in Hawai‘i. It made me appreciate the long twilights of Seattle. After dark, we wandered around Hilo.

Gecko on the Glass

The shops were closed up already, even though it wasn’t very late. People were walking around, like us, but only the restaurants were open. Not really a tourist town, but we liked it there.

Old Palace

We walked back up the long hill in the dark. Orange streetlights. Chartreuse streetlights.


Hilo Honu Honu

"Honu" is "sea turtle," so the Hilo Honu Inn had a stuffed honu.

For being heralded as the rainy side of the Big Island, Hilo was rather dry. We got a bit of light rain the first evening, but the rest of our time there, the sky was overcast but it didn't rain when we were in town. Odd, that.

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