Saturday, April 06, 2013

March 18 - Pololu Valley

We drove to the northern end of the island, hung a right near Hawi, and stopped at Kapa‘au.

Kapa‘au Trees

We visited the original King Kamehameha statue. It had a single lei, so there must not be a holiday nearby.


We moved on. Before we got to the end of the road at Pololu Valley, we turned off at Keokea Beach to use the restrooms.

Keokea Shore

It’s a rocky shore, but one young guy was body boarding. He would take short runs and then pull off quick before he hit the rocks.

An ambulance came down to the park, but the paramedics just leisurely watched the waves. I guess it was their break. Or were they waiting for the surfer to hurt himself?

Chunlin at Keokea

We got back in the car and shortly we were at Pololu Valley Lookout. Views of the cliffs up the coast.

Pololu Valley Lookout

We hiked down into the valley on a steep, hot trail. The hike would probably be cooler in the afternoon, but... oh well.

Chunlin on the Pololu Trail

At the bottom of the hill, the valley floor is a flat forest. Some campsites. Some “no trespassing” signs stopping anyone from walking upstream. We headed to the beach and sat, ate a snack.

Chunlin on Pololu Beach

A couple men were fishing to our left; I think they were the ones camping. To our right, a family with small kids. A quarter mile away, one surfer. Not many people on the large beach, but it was a Monday morning, after all.

Beach of Rocks

Near the cliffs, the beach is composed of boulders. It quickly transitions to cobbles, where we were sitting. Near the mouth of the river, the beach quickly transitions to sand. Pololu Stream (as the USGS map calls it) flows underground through the beach, a berm of sand and rocks, to get to the ocean. There is no inter-tidal zone.

Mark and Pololu Valley

Eventually, we decided we’d had enough and thus tackled the hot climb back up the hill. Water and shade are good.

Chunlin & Mark at Pololu

We returned to Kapa‘au at 11 a.m. Pizza time.

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