Tuesday, May 07, 2013

March 16 - Hilo and Puna

Chunlin at Hilo Honu Inn

We drove by the busy Hilo farmers market, but we didn’t stop because we weren’t in a shopping mood.

We left town for Puna. The forested area, with many cleared fields, and two-lane road reminded me of the road to Granite Falls.

New Kaimu Beach

We found the ocean down by Kalapana.


Ahalanui Ahu

Further up the coast, we stopped at Ahalanui Hot Pool, an ocean-fed, geothermal-heated large pool surrounded by palm trees. Bright sky. Warm water. Families splashed and played. I tried to relax, but found it difficult for some reason. I was in a weird mood that morning. After a while of floating around, I started to feel better. A few raindrops started to fall as we got out of the water.

Lava Tree Park

Back to Hilo, we drove.

From Onekahakaha Across Hilo Bay

4:30 p.m., we were back at the bed and breakfast. Rest time. Shower and tea.

On the Streets of Hilo

Dinner at Ocean Sushi. Popular place. Good sushi. Negative ambiance. We had a Big Island Roll with macadamia nuts in it, as well as some other sushi.

St Joseph's

It was the first Saturday night after Francis was elected pope. The local Catholic church was busy.

And what about the frogs? When we returned to the house, I went frog hunting. I didn’t see any, but I audio recorded their noisy chirping. I got bug-bit for my troubles. The frogs are Caribbean, transported to Hawai‘i by Walmart, so said Gay, our b&b hostess.

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