Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Can't Read Your Handwriting

I have found that a lot of people have a hard time reading my handwriting, even if I'm trying to write neatly. What they don't know (or don't believe) is that I often have an equally-hard time reading their handwriting. Especially old people. It's like we're using a completely different alphabet. An eighty-year-old can barely read my handwriting and has a hard time reading the writing of a fifty-year-old. I can barely read the handwriting of the eighty-year-old and have occasional problems with the writing of fifty-year-olds. The fifty-year-old can probably read the eighty-year-old's writing and mine just about equally, even though the two are completely different. But I can read other "sloppy" handwriting of people my own age just fine and I'm sure two eighty-year-olds wouldn't bat an eyelash at each other's scrawls.

You can't blame computers for my handwriting style, since it wasn't until junior high for me that word processing got started and not until college that it was required for projects. (Of course, now that computers are deep in the schools, I wonder if handwriting is being given its proper time.) So it must just be teaching styles changing through the decades. At least that's the only answer I've come up with.

So all you old farts better be glad that this is typed, or you'd have no clue what I was saying. Then again, maybe it'd be better that way.

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Chandira said...

Dude! I have SEEN your handwriting... lol You don't use the same LANGUAGE, either.. ;-)

I agree, I didn't learn to type until I was 17. But my handwriting is pretty bad, too.
It could be worse, we could be Doctors.