Monday, March 07, 2005


Here in Seattle, I've noticed an ever-increasing trend of pedestrians walking or running in the middle of the street. There's a perfectly good sidwalk just on the other side of those parked cars, but these people would rather be out with the moving vehicles.

Can anyone give me any possible answer? I just don't understand these people.


Chandira said...

I can at least comment, though I don't think it's a real answer.. Being brought up in a country where common sense applied to crossing the road, you know, if nothing's coming it's safe, I resent having to wait until the sign says walk. I learned how to cross the road for myself. (Drivers never listen to rules either anyway, so why should we? Besides pedestrians being softer and more squishy than your average SUV). I've nearly been run over several times on my walk to work by people who cut corners, jump lights, and generally don't follow traffic regs.. So it goes both ways. :p

Sotosoroto said...

Of course everyone needs to pay attention, but I'm not talking about crossing the street. I'm talking about people travelling parallel to the cars. Is there any reason to do that??