Friday, March 25, 2005

Pay Attention!

That's really all I have to say. Just, "Pay attention!" If you're driving down the freeway, pay attention to driving and not the cellphone you dropped on the passenger-side floor. If you're living in this world, pay attention to what's happening in this world.

... Just pay attention, okay?


Hector Vex said...

That's what I keep telling her.. but she just lies there.... ahahahahahaha!!

Sotosoroto said...

Sorry, Hector. I can't help you there...

Paying Attention update: Yesterday afternoon, I wish that the guy driving the minivan beside me had been paying attention. Somehow he forgot that when two lanes turn left, the vehicle in the left-most lane should turn left and not go straight! My car is still drivable, but there is a large dent in the left rear panel and some paint on my wheel.

Right before he hit me, my thought was, "Wow, he's taking this corner wide..."