Monday, August 11, 2008

From Here to There to Over There and Back

It rained in Aberdeen. Morton had a parade. Mt Rainier remained elusive. Yakima has good, cheap Mexican food. Sleeping in a tent with the freeway across the river isn't as bad as it sounds. Highway construction is well underway in Walla Walla, but it barely affected us. Chunlin likes the smooth Palouse while I prefer the rocky roughness of Central Washington. Gasoline is cheaper in Idaho. Chunlin liked the Chinese food in Colfax. I didn't realize how much I appreciate some sunlight till we crossed Snoqualmie Pass back into the cloudbank. Home sweet home.


Iris said...

Coming back from Eastern Washington on Saturday, we hit a down-pour! Not as bad as when Marmud couldn't see the road and had to pull off, but it did cause our English friends to be tense.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Pedicularis said...

I've got to get caught up on my own blog. In the last week, we have been to Mt. St. Helens (Johnson Visitor Center), Longview, Astoria, Long Beach, Aberdeen, Ellensburg, Vantage, Snoqualmie Pass, Enumclaw, Sun Top, and Sunrise. Whew.

mamurd said...

re: downpour.

I completely forgot about that! Why was I driving, anyway?

Iris said...

Oops. Sorry Mamrud.

My guess as to why you were driving is that you wanted to drive.