Friday, August 01, 2008

Subdivision, part 11

We got the revised survey in the mail yesterday, so Chunlin submitted the package of corrections this morning.

The woman at the Plans Routing desk was not particularly helpful. Even though the DPD plans reviewer had told me we only need to submit two copies of the revisions (because only two reviewers required corrections), Plans Routing really wanted to have eight copies. They also seemed a bit unsure as to why anyone would be giving them a corrections response letter, two "No Protest Agreements" (one for each new parcel in case the city wants to widen the street), and the revised surveys.

But they took the package, anyway, and stuck it in a file cabinet. I called the DPD reviewer to let her know about it, in case Plans Routing never bothered to.

The DPD reviewer had ended up mailing me the "No Protest Agreement" because she couldn't get anyone to tell her when or if it would be put back online.

The agreement was worded strangely. We had to cross out some phrases dealing with corporations and agents that didn't really apply at all. I hope they accept it.

Through dealing with City Light about trying to get a submeter, I was given the phone number for the City Light plans reviewer. I called him today. He said that they don't look at anything until after DPD completely approves the subdivision. The two agencies need to get on the same page. I hope DPD doesn't wait forever for City Light to review the drawings while City Light waits for DPD to finalize the approval.

And, oh by the way, City Light doesn't allow submeters on single-family properties.


Iris said...

"And, oh by the way, City Light doesn't allow submeters on single-family properties."

Do what will you be doing to get around the rule?

Iris said...

Wow!!!!!!! Did I ever change my mind in how I would ask that question, while asking the question. I'll let you figure it out. lol I better remember to proofread.