Wednesday, January 14, 2009

17 Photos

As I said, last weekend we went to . . .

5 - Granddad's Cat
The cat stayed upstairs. Too much activity and unfamiliarity downstairs. Either that, or the cat was worried there'd be another flood.

17 - Pigeon Flock Landing
We went with the cheap hotel instead of the good hotel. It seemed like the family owners were trying, but just didn't have the funds to make it a good hotel. Nice sunrise from the balcony walkway, though.

Soap Lake:
29 - Chunlin Mark Soap Lk
There's a lovely little coffee shop on the east side of Highway 17. Not only do they serve breakfast burritos, but you can also buy the furniture if you like it (and can fit it in your car).

Dry Falls:
42 - Lower Grand Coulee
The Grand Coulee is just as spectacular in the winter as it is in the summer. A bit colder, though.

53 - Lake Chelan Dock
Why is it so sunny in the mountains when it's so foggy and cloudy in the fields of the Columbia Basin? Not that I'm complaining. . .

and Leavenworth:
65 - Leavenworth Tower
The little Bavarian town is still decked out for Christmas. King Ludvig restaurant makes a good glass of hot, spiced glühweine and a wonderful Reuben. Don't expect much from the goulash.

More photos on flickr, of course.

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