Monday, January 12, 2009

Subdivision, part 17

Last week, I called DPD to ask if the final drawings we submitted a month ago had been lost (again) or what. I was told that my project was next on her list and that she'd send it around for signatures that afternoon.

That afternoon, she sent me an email requiring additional fees for time spent reviewing. I paid it and emailed her as such. She replied, "Yer wunnerful," and sent it for signatures.

Today, I see online that the Final has been Approved.

I think it's done.

I think it's official.

I think our lot is subdivided.

From a submittal of May 6 to final approval on January 12: just over eight months. Whew.

Now the real fun begins. . .

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Pedicularis said...

Just for giggles, how much has it cost you to-date?