Friday, December 12, 2008

Subdivision, part 16

After being told that our plans were lost, I got the surveyor to send me a new version. I made copies at Kinko's. Chunlin took them to DPD and was more-or-less rejected.

The original was folded (by the surveyor), which is a big no-no. My Kinko's copies had dark streaks on the edges, which is also not allowed. Finally, the surveys weren't notarized. Somehow, I never knew that I was responsible for getting the surveys notarized.

It's the surveyor's drawing, so shouldn't he do it? No?

So I called the surveyor back and had him make more copies (with original signature), but not fold them. I picked those up on Wednesday, had them notarized yesterday, and we dropped them off at DPD this morning.


And still no word from City Light on rerouting the electrical feed.

Do I seem more annoyed or resigned?


Pedicularis said...

You SHOULD be very annoyed. Government bureaucracies are very annoying by nature. Their failures are costing you thousands in time and money.

Iris said...

Are you sure City Light hasn't lost your paperwork?

Sotosoroto said...

City Light finally called my electrician back and said they haven't been able to schedule it yet. They are also expecting a $235 check, but they never bothered to send me a bill or say where to pay it to. (They did mention the amount back in August, though.)