Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Snow

It wasn't as cold last night as the night prior, but we sure got more snow!

The winter solstice hit last night around 4 a.m. local time, which means the days get longer from here on out and we still have a few months of coldness.

Which, with seven inches of snow on the ground (over ten inches in drifts), sounds like a fun prospect.

At least the streets are passable:
11 - Traffic
It's handy to have the city's snow plows' home garage just a couple blocks away on the same street. Our street is always the first to get cleared!

We got a touch of freezing rain at the end of the night, making the top layer of the snow very icy. I had to punch the metal ruler through to get measurements. When I dropped the ruler, it clattered on the snow as if I dropped it on a hard floor.

2 - Dutch Snowboot

14 - Eaves
I never finished cleaning the roof before the snow hit a week ago. I wonder how the little clumps of moss are doing, under the snow.

The wind was blowing the tiny snowflakes all over. Christina and I made snow angels in the driveway last night, but the wind nearly filled them in already.
8 - Yesterday's Snow Angel

A week ago, Christina made a snowball-sized snowman on the steps to our front yard. Can you find it now?
7 - Christina's Old Snowman

Even our sheltered front porch got snow blown onto it.
4 - Front Porch
And this was the leeward side of the house. The windward side had three inches piled against the sliding glass door.

Merry Christmas!
15 - Christmas Tree

We took my in-laws to lunch yesterday afternoon for a Christmas get-together. My sister-in-law spent an extra hour at her parents' apartment before heading home (after it was already snowing). She left their place at 4:30 and got on I-5. An hour later, she called us and said she was only to the 520 junction. Less than ten miles in that hour. I had hoped she would have left earlier, but . . .

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