Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Snow Photos

Our 10" of snow melted to 9" during the day. We'll get more soon, right? I want to get over a foot!

Here are some photos from my walk to work this morning:

3 - Driveway Chunlin Christina

6 - North Acres Park Path

8 - Christina

9 - I-5

14 - Icicles Metal Roof

19 - Thornton Creek Park

Without the wind, the snow finally piled up on the trees. The view from my cubicle:
21 - Office View

The sun came out briefly at lunchtime.
23 - Branches Sunlight

24 - Few Branches

The sidewalks are all pretty beaten down to hard-packed snow. I could probably walk to work tomorrow in my dress shoes if it weren't for those darn streets. What do they spray on the road to make it so slippery? Is it just the sand or do they put a chemical on it, too? The brown snow just doesn't crunch together. It's a dry slush. It better be nice to drive on, because it's a pain for pedestrians.

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